Review: Missing Sibling – Self Titled EP.

catsMissing Sibling released their self titled record yesterday through Idol Records. The band hailing from Dallas, Texas create some great indie rock on their new record. You can give a listen to track Mary’s Rashers right now through the band’s soundcloud here – one of the highlights of their new record.

This band certainly know how to create melodies from the get go. Using different sounds with some great musicianship the band create songs that really capture you from the start of the record. Don’t Even Try near the beginning of the album creates a nice groove throughout with an interesting twist that creates an outer space sound that really works on this track.

Missing Sibling create big songs, with some giant choruses that live will work incredibly well, tracks like closing track Spread The Blame and opener Always sure makes that clear – making for some great writing from beginning to end. The writing really rcompliments the music being made and the vocals harmonise well throughout, the rough sound to the vocals gives the song an edge that really works on this record, tracks like Never Alone stand out for those reasons, that vocal working. What also works is the combination of vocals with the male and female on tracks throughout, I Insist is a great example of this really working well on the band’s self titled.

A really great album that is laden with huge melodies, it’s bursting with energy and full of huge grooves, this band really makes some great songs on their self titled that live will bring a show to life. There are plenty of highlights to talk about on this record but I would recommend Shock And Awe, Spread The Blame and Don’t Even Try – go listen to this album you certainly won’t regret it.



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