Review: Hanne Kolstø – Live at Tøyenkirken.

HanneKolstoHanne Kolstø releases her live album this Friday. Just one voice and one grand piano, Kolstø really keeps it simple live as she plays in a church in her home country of Norway. You can learn more about singer through Facebook here and you can find a pre-order of the album here.

Kolstø’s voice is incredible throughout this record, the piano really shows how clear her voice is, with elegant high notes and a tone that reflects that dark melancholic writing. The music works brilliantly with the piano that makes you feel just as much as Hanne Kolstø’s voice does – it makes for an incredible listen.

The writing throughout Kolstø’s career is excellent, and here that writing excellence is shown in it’s simplest of forms and done perfectly. With piano arrangements that work well together, it’s clear that Kolstø and Andreas Stensland have worked together before as it takes experience to really create something to partner with her unique vocals so well and it shows throughout this show.

The musical arrangements throughout this are made for her voice, and the way her songs have been changed and adapted to work on piano really works for the vocals throughout, tracks like La-La-La-La Lovesong for example really are made perfect, a brilliant entwinement of the two and it allows for both artist’s talents to shine from the beginning to the end of the album.

One of the best produced live records I’ve ever heard, Live at Tøyenkirken truly is an excellent album and a good way to introduce yourself to the singer, it sure has led me to look into her work myself. Hanne Kolstø has an incredible voice and it’s worth giving a listen to if you like something beautifully simple, as this record is. Highlights for me are Black Hand, La-La-La-La Lovesong and Nothing Out Loud.



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