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Review: Ghosts Again – The Closest Thing To Closure.

Released Independently this Friday, Ghosts Again release their new EP, The Closest Thing To Closure. The newcomers who bring fierce post hardcore to your ears throughout this their debut are created from different projects and the trio are working together to create something of their own.

Huge drum runs and riffs race throughout this record with real talent, this band have released an EP here that really gives them a fantastic foundation going forward when it comes to the melodies created on this record. The band have a relentless energy throughout this record Relive_Revive in particular really shows that.

The band have some incredibly raw vocals throughout this record in part but with a great singing voice too, there’s a real power vocally on The Closest Thing To Closure from the start, tracks such as Eleven are a powerful combination of screaming vocals and singing which with the awesome melodies this record works incredibly well. The writing of course does bring it all together on this EP with some really big choruses and some very honest lyrics that really make me think this band could be on the verge of something bigger in the future.

A great debut record from Ghosts Again, the band have created an excellent place for them to begin from on this EP and if you like post hardcore this band keep to the genre’s roots but give their own flare to it and it’s certainly worth a listen. Highlights for me are Les Enfants Terribles and Eleven.




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