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Review: FaultLines – All We’ve Ever Known.

faultlinesFaultLines released their EP on April 15th and what an EP it is. A six piece, melodic metal band out of Leeds, FaultLines have been gaining attention including from Rock Sound who feature them this month. You can listen to their EP, All We’ve Ever Known now on Spotify.

Bursting with energy from the moment this record begins, this band accelerates as the record goes on – don’t be fooled by the slow pace of Weathered Bones’ intro, they are ready to let your eardrums know they mean business. Huge on melodies with clever riffs and a foundation of drums that really brings this record together – it makes for an excellent debut.

Rotondo’s vocals are powerful to say the least and combined with the male screaming vocals on this record from Jake Noakes, it makes for an incredible combination on this record throughout – Rotondo’s voice just works effortlessly with what this band have created, tracks like Drowning showcase her voice, with a softer vocal in places and a terrific raw vocal in there too – this band work together brilliantly and every track on All We’ve Ever Known makes it clear.

A fantastic debut, the band find their sound on their first record and it’s an awesome one. Creating huge melodies and vocals that combine brilliantly throughout the EP, this band are sure to be going places fast in the near future. Highlights for me are Drowning and Voices, but this whole EP is worth a listen on a record made to be played out loud.





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