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Review: Sorority Noise – It Kindly Stopped For Me EP.

Sorority Noise released their new EP, It Kindly Stopped For Me through Topshelf Records yesterday.  The follow up record to the excellent Joy, Departed the band return with four new tracks on this new record which you can now listen to on Spotify here.

Creating some stunning slowed down melodies throughout the record, this band have a way with a guitar from the moment this record begins. The acoustic sound throughout all these tracks really showcases the vocals and gives a great foundation for every song on this album – its simplicity works to Sorority Noise’s strength. Not that the guitars are alone – piano melodies on A Will are effortless.

Boucher’s vocals are gentle and somewhat mumbled throughout this EP, a gentle way with the melodies, it harmonises perfectly throughout the record however the writing is stronger than his voice, with some thoughtful and provoking lyrics that work well with the music the band are creating. Tracks such as Fource tell a story about loss that only Sorority Noise could tell – the blending of guitars and noise in this track work so well on this song and makes for a highlight on It Kindly Stopped For Me.

These new songs from Sorority Noise showcase something completely different from their previous records, these songs seem like the reaction to an incredible amount of loss, the songs feel honest, raw and a way of putting these feelings down on paper – this EP sounds like music therapy somewhat and not what you’ll be used to from this band.




4 thoughts on “Review: Sorority Noise – It Kindly Stopped For Me EP.

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