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Review: Convictions – I Will Become.

Christian Rock band, Convictions release their album, I Will Become through InVogue Records this Friday. The band are currently on tour across America and have made a music video for track The Dahlia Disease which you can see through YouTube here and find out more about Convictions through the band’s Facebook.

I Will Become is packed with great melodies from the start – the band bringing something new, with some huge drum runs that pound the eardrums, particularly on tracks such as Glaciers, where those drums working with the guitars pick up the pace on this record. This band’s guitarists are excellent too, with some excellent work on tracks such as Serotonin and Clouded Mind.

The vocals are very good too, with raw vocals and a great singing voice in combination on this record from the beginning, tracks such as House Of Lies, layer the vocals brilliantly, bringing the two together for a highlight on this album. The screaming vocals have some powerful things to say too, with some big choruses and a good depth to the writing. Tracks like Brother’s Blood which is a great collaboration with Rory Rodriguez, really works on this record, the collaboration with the Dayseeker frontman brings two great vocalists together on this song.

I Will Become is a strong debut from the band, who have created some heavy melodies and great songs that work together consistently, bringing in different sounds and style, to make a record that’s their own, and bringing in influences of their own that make for a great album. The band keep up a relentless pace throughout this album that a live show I’m sure is going to work. There plenty of highlights throughout I Will Become, some of my personal highlights on this album are Dark Roots, Glaciers and House Of Lies.


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