EPs & Singles.

Review: Lánre – Human.

Lánre releases her EP, Human This Friday. A British singer and songwriter with influences from her native Nigeria, Lánre creates some amazing music on her second EP. You can listen to the first single Human through Soundcloud right now here and Preorder the EP through Apple here.

Stunning melodies with some creative choral vocals that work perfectly together, Human opens with the eponymous track, and with it’s elegant simplicity, you can hear why this song stood out so much, the record was named after it – and it just gets better as Human goes on.

Lánre has a really lovely vocal and it is showcased throughout Human which really expresses something heartfelt throughout this record. There is such a genuine richness to the sound of her voice and with such honest lyricism throughout this record it really allows a story to be told, the two work perfectly together making some amazing songs on this EP, getting better throughout the record.

Human is a great EP, Lánre really has brought together some incredible elements through all of these songs, that really showcase her voice and the high standard of her writing, which is moving and powerful throughout, and with a voice so genuine, it sounds amazing. Highlights for me are Fire and My Soul, however this whole EP sounds excellent Human is the perfect opening track for this EP and allows for this record to blossom as it goes on.



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