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Review: Sara Hartman – Satellite EP.

Sara Hartman last week released her EP, Satellite. Creating some great pop songs on her latest release. Hartman will tour Mainland Europe and America throughout May and June finishing up at the Dockville Festival in her adopted homeland of Germany. You can listen to the new record now on Spotify here.

The way with melodies Hartman has throughout this record stands out the moment you begin listening, creating some great rhythms and beats that work throughout this record. Using a combination of different sounds including drums, piano and synth, the combination works incredibly well throughout Satellite.

Hartman has an incredibly soft and delicate voice that even though the sound she creates is big, that voice still shines through, that huskiness working in harmony with the melodies throughout, and with such unique and interesting melodies running throughout, it feels like an EP that could only be made by Sara Hartman as her fingerprints are in everything on this record. Lyrically it’s strong too, with big choruses that will get stuck in your head, Two Feet Off The Ground is a perfect example of this.

Satellite is a great debut record from Hartman as she creates something hook laden and full of brilliant melodies that are impossible to forget once you’ve listened. This whole EP is worthy of giving a listen to, some of the best pop I’ve heard this year, but for me the tracks that stand out to me are Two Feet Off The Ground and Monster Lead Me Home.



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