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Review: Joana Serrat – Cross The Verge.

jsJoana Serrat releases her new album this Friday, Cross The Verge through Loose Recordings. Dark and almost unsettling tales of loneliness are written throughout this record creating something almost perfectly fragile. Serrat will be playing festivals throughout Europe this Summer, and you can hear her last album Dear Great Canyon through Soundcloud here.

Perfectly adept at creating melodies with gracious grooves and upbeat tempos, Serrat really can add life to these sombre moments throughout this record, and that bring a dark melodic tone to tracks too. Desert Valley and Cloudy Heart are very different songs but work really well together on this record as the songs weave together throughout Cross The Verge. Tracks such as Flags stand out as well melody wise too, bringing a nice upbeat beat to the record and these are the tracks you want to hear live.

Joana Serrat really does have some really stunning vocals, throughout the record her soft tone is on show perfectly, and works with the way she writes, tracks like I Follow You Child allow her to really show just what she can do with her vocals and it really stands out on the record. Early in the record tracks such as Flags and Cloudy Hearts have some excellent choruses, Cloudy Heart, featuring Neil Halstead is an excellent collaboration and a great mix of vocals on this track.

Cross The Verge is an excellent return from Serrat who creates something great on this record from the moment it begins. The different melodies contrast, however for the most part this record works well and her natural talent shines through throughout the record and in collaboration they stand out even more. Highlights for me on this record are Cloud Heart, Your Gold Could Be Mine and Flags. An excellent record that if you like acoustic melodies and stand out writing, is the record for you.



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