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Review: Vexxes – Common Ground EP.

Alt Rock trio, Vexxes release their EP, Common Ground this week. The band release their four track record Friday and it’s how to introduce yourself as the band bring in tremendous licks and some great vocals. You can see what this band do by checking out video for Everything I’ve Ever Known here.

The production is excellent and really makes it clear the guitarists in this band really bring the energy on this record, creating some brilliant melodies from the start of Common Ground – and with that great foundation of drumwork to rely on this band certainly make it clear they are not messing around on their debut release.

Fieldhouse’s vocals really begin to come in to their own on this record as it goes on, track Convictions really is an apt title as his vocals begin to have some on Common Ground, those soaring vocals working perfectly with the melodies the band create. These tracks are packed with energy and have some huge choruses that live are going to work incredibly well – tracks such as Enemies have huge hooks and soon to be anthems, this band really creating something that anyone can join them on.

A great debut from Vexxes, the band bring high energy and big choruses throughout this record as they begin to create their own sound. Highlights for me here are Convictions and Enemies, but this band maintain a great standard on this record. If you like British Alternative such as Mallory Knox you’ll probably like Vexxes.



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