Review: Fassine – Dialectik.

fassineFassine released their new record Dialectik this week through Default Collective Records. The trio from London create awesome synth sounds and use those delicate vocals to create something that stands out throughout the whole of this record. You can listen to first single and eponymous track Dialectik through Kaltblut Magazine’s website here.

Full of dark and clever melodies from the moment it begins, there’s something truly intense about this record from the beginning, reminiscent of Trent Reznor, but giving it something of their own perfectly from the start there’s something deeply haunting running throughout this record. Tracks such as Whatever It Takes (To Help You Sleep) stand out in particular, with subtle drum work and mysterious synth melodies.

Palmer’s vocals are incredible throughout the whole of Dialectik, they weave subtlely with the melodies and it works all the way through the album. Track like Sunshine illustrate this perfectly and make for some great listening – with such a simple way with lyricism, the band take a less is more approach, really investing in their melodies on the record creating some incredible songs. Englander in particular stands out for those reasons – with that spoken word part working on this track well.

What Fassine do throughout Dialectik is brilliant. Melodies that work throughout that harmonise well with the vocals, this band certainly create something of their own on this record. An album that works together throughout, creating an excellent flow throughout, the production really does show the best of what this band do from the start of Dialectik. Highlights for me on this record are Kelby, Bring The Weight Down and Whatever It Takes (To Help You Sleep) however this record is one to be listen from the beginning. If you like the quieter tones of bands such as Pvris, this band is ideal.



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