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Review: Locket – Never There, Never Was EP.

Locket release their new EP this week, Never There, Never Was through Take This To Heart Records, who follow up from their last self titled EP. The band who continue to explore their sound on this new record premiered their single Everything’s Fine through New Noise here.

The band certainly bring their influences to this record, with opening track Stairdweller reminiscent of La Dispute with creative guitar work and raw vocals that really work on this track from the start. The EP really picks up the pace as it goes on, Curiousity Killed Me is certainly an example of that with a good foundation of drums and riffs that sound awesome together.

The writing has some great depth, and with the combined singing and screaming vocals, that emotion is really shown on this record throughout. Tracks such as Born To Hide really show this perfectly, where those vocals tangle together brilliantly – and combined with the good writing these songs really work for the band on this EP. This record certainly feels lighter than last record but the writing is still heavy, Dead Letters makes that abundantly clear.

Locket continue to make some great music – the melodies sound tremendous together with the two sets of vocals and it makes for some great listening from the start to the finish. Highlights for me on this EP are Dead Letters, Born To Hide and Stairdweller – The band continue to maintain their high standard on this record – if you’ve not listened to Locket yet, then I think you really should be.




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