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Review: Joy Oladokun – Carry.

carryJoy Oladokun released her album, Carry on April 28th which she raised the funds for through Kickstarter. The singer/songwriter follows up from EP Cathedrals and continues that soul drenched roots rock sound on new album Carry. You can listen to the whole of the record through Spotify here.

Oladokun’s vocals are incredible to listen to from the start of this record. Vocals that are filled with soul and emotion from the moment it begins. The richness to her vocals is on display throughout this record, tracks such as Cold As Fire really show that strength and depth to her sound that make this album such a great listen.

Her writing tells a story throughout and makes for an emotional listen from the beginning to the end of the album. Tracks such as Animals & Angels, which closes out the record really do display this best on Carry which creates a scene perfectly and has a raw emotion that vere few can do as well as Oladokun. Though in these great moments of depth, there’s some really funky melodies and big choruses on this album, Fight For It and Bread & Wine are perfect examples of this – really bringing great melodies and catchy writing together brilliantly.

Carry is a great record throughout and if you love a perfect balance of soul, rock and acoustic melodies this is the album you need to hear this year. True beauty in its simple melodies and excellent writing, Carry has so many highlights but these are a few that stand out to me. Say You Will and Animals & Angels for how she unfolds a story in such a personal way really is brilliant – Young is also an excellent example of this. A brilliant energy throughout, there is so much that Joy Oladokun can do and its on display here throughout.




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