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Review: Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost cover artModern Baseball release their album tomorrow, Holy Ghost, which you can hear now as a complete stream thanks to Bandcamp here. We got a taste of what Modern Baseball’s sound might be from their EP, and they follow this up with their new full length which they release through Run For Cover Records.

The band split writing duties on this record, not that you can tell, as the album works together well, creating an emotional and raw record throughout with melodies that work perfectly together from the beginning. Ewald is so detailed when it comes to the writing it feels so intimate – tracks such as Mass where he details the jersey sheets and snowglobes is case in point.

Twangy and high energy guitars work throughout the beginning of the record, giving it an upbeat start that gets you hooked on this album,  Wedding Singer certainly is proof of this as the band bring in that riff that really gives the song a lift that works perfectly and that continues on tracks such as Note To Self, though they almost seem very similar in sound. The band have worked on the songs connecting together from beginning to end as Eward and Lukens work separately on sides of the record and it does show throughout Holy Ghost. Hiding slows down the pace perfectly on this record, acoustic is something this band do well and that shows once again on this track.

Modern Baseball return with excellent form and new ideas brought to the album that certainly make for awesome listening throughout with a way with timing that makes this record work. This band have a unique way of telling a story with that minutae detailing and it is something that makes them standout on this record – something this band has always done well, you only have to see older tracks such as Two Good Things to know that. Highlights for me are Wedding Singer, What If… and Hiding.



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