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Review: Pierce The Veil – Misadventures.

Pierce The Veil returned with a new album yesterday, Misadventures, released through Fearless Records. The band who tour the UK near the end of this year have been spent an incredible amount of time perfecting this record and it certainly shows throughout. You can listen to Misadventures on Spotify now.

The band certainly know how to create melodies, the evident spanish influences still shine in places, but this band certainly know how to get a mosh started throughout this album. Floral And Fading slows down the pace for a second, but that’s followed up with Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed, which takes the pace straight back up, and it works.

Pierce The Veil are a pretty exceptional band in the mainstream and no one can get near them when it comes to those guitar riffs, and the drumwork that creates an excellent foundation throughout this album – relentless power throughout, the drums give these tracks the energy that drives this album musically and it’s awesome to listen to. Tracks like Circles and Today I Saw The World highlight the work of the guitarists, that riff you can hear through the sound works giving the track something distinctive, but that’s what Pierce The Veil do best.

Vic Fuentes has a great voice, but even better than that, he has a great writing style – Fuentes has said many times in this process how personal the writing is on this record, and it shows, he knows how to tell a story brilliantly and it shows throughout Misadventures, tracks such as Song For Isabelle certainly proves this. There are huge choruses that people are going to be screaming back at them at every show – probably not quite as well as the singing and screaming combine throughout this record, the two balanced out perfectly.

Misadventures is an excellent return, an album to follow up from such a great album in Collide With The Sky, it’s no surprise the band wanted it to be perfect before release and they do a pretty great job making sure it is, sometimes it feels too long in places on tracks, but that is forgiveable. The best of what this band do shines throughout, and this is an album that has to be heard live. Highlights for me are Circles, Sambuka and Today I Saw The World.




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