Review: iSelves – All Their Odds.

iSelvesiSelves released their second single, All Their Odds recently, with an album being released next fall. You can listen to the track through the band’s Soundcloud right now here and you can find out more about the musician through Tumblr here.

The vocals are strong but sound fragile throughout this which really works throughout this track, giving the lyrics some gravitas – there’s a poetry to the song and it works throughout All Their Odds. The simplicity makes the song stand out, making for a unique song.

The melodies are simple, but create a moody background for the lyrics to shine on this song, the dark synth setting the scene certainly sets the tone perfectly for the track throughout. There’s a captivating sound to the track, the vocals and melodies working in harmony well throughout, and considering this is one of the artist’s first tracks it sounds great and it’s definitely worth a listen.


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