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Review: Not Today – Headway.

NNot Today Artworkot Today release their EP tomorrow, Headway. An album about sticking to your ambitions and being optimistic when everyone else is not, the band have five huge tracks on Headway. You can check out the video for one of those tracks right now, Growing Backwards, and it can be heard here.

This band have a real honesty to their lyrics and that shines throughout this record, tracks like This Song Sounded Much Better In My Head, in particular stands out for those reasons. There’s a raw feeling to this EP that this band make in to some great listening throughout, as the band create some strong choruses that live are going to work incredibly well.

The band melody wise create some excellent ones that harmonise with the vocals, that screaming vocal in Coming Storm works so well with the guitars and excellent drumming on the track, that energises this track from the start of the song. The pace is slowed down on These Few Months, an acoustic track that really highlights the strength of Hardiment’s vocals but also highlights the strength of his writing, there is some real emotion here, but with the light melodies they partner up incredibly well – it makes for some intense listening.

Not Today certainly create some great pop punk – the UK scene is certainly blooming and this band are sure proof of that, with great melodies and packed full of energy, this is what you want from a pop punk record – Not Today certainly are a band to watch out for as they continue to find their sound.



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