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Review: Dawn Of Ashes – Theophany.

Blending Black Metal and Industrial sounds, Dawn Of Ashes release their album Theophany today through Metropolis Records. Inspired by the occult for its lyrics, this band create a dark sound on this record making for some horrifyingly good listening. You can listen to first single Tribe Of Chemosh right here.

Building drama from the moment the record begins with Rise Of The Ancient East, the band certainly create some intense melodies that don’t prepare you for what comes next. Don’t let those melodies fool you, this band can’t bring some huge metal melodies – gathering dramatic synth sound and some excellent drum work this band create metal tracks on this record designed to do damage to your eardrums, and you’re going to like it.

The vocals sound like they come from some really dark depths, a hellish raw vocal that works so well in harmony with the melodies the band create – the band create their own sound on this record, it’s like nothing I’ve heard before. The tracks throughout creates a heavy atmosphere – it’s like the sound of a haunted house, and it makes for some chilling listening. The layers of music gone in to this album allow for the choral vocals to work perfectly in the background and creates an excellent contrast, track such as Malleus Maleficarum really highlights that, but can be overused in places.

A powerful record that builds throughout, Dawn Of Ashes creates something dark and brilliant on this record, bringing in new sounds and a rhythm section to be proud of, that drum work entwining with those riffs that create some great harmonies – that vocal was made for this band and works throughout Theophany. The band have some original sounds on this record, but sometimes they use them a bit too much in places. There’s plenty of highlights on this record including Last, Enter The Vortex and Equilibrium – a great black metal album.



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