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Review: Willa Rae and The Minor Arcana – XIII.

a4257069992 10Detroit’s Willa Rae and The Minor Arcana released their EP this week, XIII. The band which begun as an acoustic trio and bloomed into a collection of musicians have premiered their new EP through She Shreads magazine which you can find here.

Bursting with infectious energy, this band kickstart this record with ease with Bad Ideas, a track that is bound to get stuck in your head with no difficulty at all and that is something that continues throught XIII. The pace may slow down on tracks such as Freight Train but there still a huge chorus that come naturally to this band.

The country, twangy guitar vibe running through this EP, really works on this the band’s first record. The songs work together throughout and with a vocal like that it’s no surprise. Willa Rae’s husky vocals harmonise perfectly throughout XIII, tracks like Love’s Wasting My Time are energised by the great guitar work throughout that her vocals add to perfectly – these three tracks make for some great listening from the start to the finish.

Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana create some huge tracks on XIII, with some fun choruses and brilliantly made melodies that keep your attention and make me think these are the kind of tracks you want driving somewhere, particularly opening track Bad Ideas which might get you a speeding ticket with the pace this song has. Some awesome country rock tracks, these songs are the perfect debut from Willa Rae who shines on this EP throughout, get on this Freight Train now.




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