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Review: As Daylight Fades – Love//Loss.

ADF ArtworkAs Daylight Fades release their new EP Love//Loss this week, these four huge metalcore tracks will certainly make a great end to your week. The band have released a video for one of those tracks Novaturient right here and you can find a complete stream of the EP through Metal Hammer now.

Mighty riffs from the start of the record, the tracks are driven through with some huge melodies throughout these all of these tracks, Novaturient is a perfect example of this with awesome riffs – this band really do have excellent guitars on this track and that is consistent throughout the EP, Hope//Less is certainly proof of that too.

A visceral roar of vocals, Hope//Less is a great example also of the strong voice that this band have, brutal on this track, that frustration shown in the lyrics of this EP, is made so clear by the powerful sound created by this band on Love//Loss and it makes for some great listening, particularly working with the melodies the musicians create, it harmonises perfectly creating a great balance between the two.

As Daylight Fades make some relentless tracks throughout Love//Loss and live this EP is going to sound great. The band play Rebellion Festival on the 6th June and I suspect it will be a great set as this EP’s energy and aggression is at peak constantly – this is how you start a mosh. Highlights for me on this record are The Great Divide and Hope//Less, certainly a band to pay attention to.



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