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Review: Elvis Depressedly – Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’.

Elvis Depressedly release their new album on June 3rd, Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’ through Run For Cover Records. The duo who recently released a stream of one of the highlights of the record Slip through Tiny Mixtapes on Soundcloud will be touring in the UK for the first time next month, you can see dates here.

The DIY sound throughout this record gives the record an atmosphere and creates some rough sounds that highlight the synth stylings that bring these songs to life. PepsiCoke Suicide certainly brings that together, with soaring synth and subtle drum work that allows the song to stand out and with those paced out vocals working with the melodies, it works together.

Shorter tracks on the record like Inside You certainly keep the writing simple, but the emotion shown in the vocals makes the song stand out, and certainly not lost in the album – combined with the guitar melodies it makes for a highlight of the record. Nakamura is also a song where the emotion shines, the melancholic melodies combined with the writing makes for a very honest song. The writing is poetic and raw and it makes for uneasy listening in places, but it’s still captivating throughout.

Elvis Depressedly create some great songs on this album with huge melodies and honest writing that this band do so well, the rough sound makes the record feel urgent and that there was need to write and make it as soon as possible, and listening it makes sense, as there is poignancy here. Highlights for me on this record are Nakamura, Angel Cum Clean and Slip – the use of organ on Angel Cum Clean is unique and makes the track memorable for sure. An album that could only be made by this duo, if you like emo and indie sounds, this is the record for you.



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