Review: Pretty Little Enemy – Bitch Please.

UK Metallers, Pretty Little Enemy release their debut this week, Bitch PLEase. The trio coming out of Minehead, have been making waves locally and it’s clear to hear why when listening to their first three tracks. You can check out the video for Vertebreak through the band’s YouTube here.

What Makes You So Goddamn Perfect? The closing track on this EP really has some of the best of what this band do throughout, the drums give a solid foundation for that energetic riff that runs throughout and the writing is strong, with good choruses and a power that really is delivered by Body’s vocals throughout.

Huge choruses run rampant throughout these tracks, Vertebreak certainly has a huge hook that will definitely get you singing along, the vocals from Louise Body are incredible, that high note on this song is proof of that and it works with the riffs the band create on this EP. The production really allows this bands strengths to shine throughout Bitch PLEase!

Pretty Little Enemy could easily be your new favourite band. This band have the songs that live are going to get a crowd started, with great energy and hooks that need to be heard. This band definitely have a great debut on their hands here and I look forward to what comes next – if you like bands such as Tigress, this band is your ideal next choice.



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