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Review: Forebear – Delroy Lindo.

CiHUA3PVEAAT_RuDirt Rock band, Forebear recently released their new single, Delroy Lindo. The band who produced the track with Eric Lilavois, whose worked with bands such as Saint Motel and Surfer Blood certainly know what he’s doing with a band and it’s clear here too. Forebear release their album at the end of August.

The melodies really are well perfected with huge sweeping melodies, with Molly Rogers’ work on viola creating something unique and brilliant on this first track, creating a layer of melody that really works on Delroy Lindo – and this combined with the subtle drum work and delicate guitar melodies makes for some incredible listening especially as the track builds.

Goldbaum’s vocals are amazing on this track as the song builds, with intense high notes that really keep your attention throughout and with some honest lyrics, those vocals really full of emotion and make this sound pack a punch on delivery and it makes me curious as to what the rest of their album will sound like – if it’s anything like this, it should be a highlight of the Summer.


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