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Review: Xenia Rubinos – Black Terry Cat.

Xenia Rubinos' new album, Black Terry Cat, comes out June 3.Xenia Rubinos releases her album tomorrow, June 3rd, Black Terry Cat through Anti- Records and you can hear a stream of the record right now through the NPR website. A unique and soulful sound that keeps you listening to the end, Black Terry Cat is a great listen, that deserves to be heard.

Not your average record at all, Rubinos’ creation of melodies is so unique from the start of the record. Full of funky beats and incredible grooves, Mexican Chef has an incredible mix of sounds, with sharp drums and brilliant guitars that work perfectly with the sound of her vocals throughout the record. Another perfect example of brilliant melodies and complete harmony with the vocals is Black Stars where Synth and drums work amazingly well together – this album could only be made by Rubinos.

The vocals are so strong throughout this record, with softer tones in places that work with the creative sounds, on tracks such as Right? You see a great display of the strength of her vocals, though it can feel a little drowned out in places, but they do work so well throughout. Lonely Lover also shows how brilliant those vocals are with great vocal acrobatics that work perfectly with the melodies that just keep this record working together – the production allows for the melodies to shine on this album.

Xenia Rubinos certainly has an incredible amount of talent and it shows throughout this record. With tremendous melodies that you can’t stop yourself moving to, Black Terry Cat is an album that is impossible to compare to anything else. Highlights for me on this record are I Won’t Say, Mexican Chef and Black Stars. An album bursting with Rubinos’ talent – it’s impossible for anyone not to like at least one track on this album.



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