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Review: Hot Mass – Nervous Tensions.

Hot Mass release their new album tomorrow Nervous Tensions. The Swansea punkers create some incredible noise on this their band’s debut album – the band put together in the lead singer’s bedroom, are ready to show you some incredible riffs and awesome intensity. You can find the record over at All In Vinyl here.

Lyrically simple, but strong, this band certainly know how to create something that is easy to get in your head and makes you want to scream along with them – they may be men of few words, however the music does speak for itself, with some awesome guitars and drums that power through this record.

Raw and ready to go as soon as the record begins, the band certainly bring rough and melodic riffs as soon as it starts on I Think I’m Done which certainly sets the pace for the rest of the album and it is no bad thing. Tracks like Scared keep this album racing through and makes me think this record live is going to create a pretty raucous crowd, especially accompanied by Jenk’s vocals that work so well with the melodies throughou the album with their gravelly sound.

Raw and raucous from the start of the album, Hot Mass truly have perfected the sound they want to make on this their debut record and if you like some crushing riffs, this is the band for you, these guys sound like they arrived into their world with an electric guitar in their hands. Plenty of highlights throughout Nervous Tensions, but for me the tracks that stand out are Repeat, Control and opening track I Think I’m Done. There’s a lot to admire on this record and definitely a band to keep an eye on if this record is anything to go by, you’ll hear from them again soon enough.




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