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Review: Tegan & Sara – Love You To Death.

Tegan And Sara released their new album on Friday, Love You To Death through Warner. The duo who follow up from 2013’s Heartthrob make some perfect pop songs and this album is no exception. You can listen to first single Boyfriend (If you’ve not heard it!) now through YouTube here.

Wth huge melodies and dreamy vocals, this truly is pop music for adults and it’s arranged perfectly, with twinkly sound and atmospheric drum beats on tracks such as Faint Of Heart, what this duo do best is perfectly on display on this track. Dying To Know is also another great example of awesome melodies, bringing some nice pop beats that work throughout this album to the track combined with their trademark combination of vocals.

Where the duo really work are the vocal layers that just work on every track, White Knuckles for example really perfects the sound of their voices and the clean vocal on tracks such as 100x really work and combined with the piano sound on the track it makes for one of the highlights of the record. The vocals are essential to this duo’s sound on this album, working and weaving with melodies with ease throughout this album and with those razor sharp, honest lyrics it makes for a listen, BWU, is perfect example of that writing style.

Tegan And Sara return with a great record with some brilliant lyricism and captivating melodies that make this record stand out, a huge pop album that if you like bands such as Chvrches, you’ll probably like this too. Highlights aplenty throughout, tracks such as BWU, Dying To Know and Hang On To The Night stand out to me. It’s been too long since we had some refreshingly big melodies from these two, who really have perfected their craft and it’s shows once again here for the most part.



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