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Review: Summer Lake Heroes – Beers & Fucked Up Friends.

Beers & Fucked Up Friends (Last Drop Edition) cover artSummer Lake Heroes recently re-released their EP, Beers And Fucked Up Friends with some extra tracks and you can listen to the whole of the record right now through Spotify here. The french pop punkers led by Camille, have been gaining attention in their homeland and are certainly a band to watch out for.

The band certainly are not low on big punk riffs on this record, this band straining at the leash with energy throughout this EP, Mr Stupid certainly proves that point with some really energetic riffs that work throughout this EP. Not to discount the drumwork on this record, tracks such as Mailbox are brought to life with the solid foundation of drum skill on this album.

The writing is feisty and certainly honest throughout this EP, with some big choruses that really are infectious, and with such a good frontwoman, the band really have a great combination up front in Summer Lake Heroes. There’s real emotion and real frustration B.F.F. and Heart Eating Zombie are perfect examples of this and it’s produced to perfection, really showing this band’s strengths – its an awesome listen throughout.

Beers And Fucked Up Friends is a punchy record, with big punk riffs and a vocalist with such a fierce attitude that is rare to find and makes for a great listen. Highlights for me on this EP are new single Harvey Dent, which you can give a listen to here and title track B.F.F. which really displays the best of what this band do.



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