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Review: Andrew Cream – Self Portrait.

Andrew Cream released his album on the 8th June, Self Portrait. Packed full with acoustic melodies and real depth to the writing, Cream has a real talent. You can listen now to one of the singles, Violent Minds through through Dying Scene here and he begins touring through Europe today with Arms & Hearts.

The guitar melodies throughout this record are so well thoughout and they harmonise with his vocals really well. Though a not typical vocal for acoustic, Cream’s voice works well throughout this album, and combined with the guitar work, it’s a great listen throughout particularly More Than A Dream and Seen It All.

Lyrically, Cream has a great perspective, talking about Privilege and in tracks like Violent Minds discussing the abuse of women during the Gamer Gate scandal that took place last year, and the internet trolling of women – something not often sung about but an area that should be highlighted and he does it so well. With a real way of sending a message through his lyrics, Andrew Cream brings a unique perspective with his songs and it makes for a nice change of tone on the record.

Self Portrait is a great acoustic record that shows that less is more, with an acoustic guitar and a voice you can do a lot, and this is one of those records that certainly proves it  and the foundation of drum beats adds another dimension. There’s plenty of highlights throughout Self Portrait, First World Problems, Violent Minds and closing track Problem Solved stand out for me. Eight songs filled with big choruses, great melodies, it’s no surprise this man is getting heard, give the record a listen soon, you won’t regret it.



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