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Review: Follow My Lead – Spit, Kick, Revolt.

follow my lead coverFollow My Lead release their album, Spit, Kick, Revolt, on Friday through InVogue Records and you can listen to first single from the band Jugular here through InVogue’s YouTube and find the Preorders for the record here. The irish band have only just signed to the label and listening to this, it’s clear to hear why.

An eruptive sound from the moment the album starts, this band’s pace is relentless in opening track Burning Man and that continues throughout this record with ear blistering riffs and drumwork that equals that – the two working together extremely well throughout Spit, Kick Revolt, the band really show what instrumentally they are capable of on this record in the best ways.

The vocals are raw and powerful throughout the album, this band’s lead screamer having some real aggression in that gravelly vocal that works throughout this record, tracks such as Vir(us) really show that relentless power of that voice – and the singing vocals on this track blends incredibly well with the screaming vocals making for one of the highlights of this album. The band have some strong writing to boot, with some huge choruses on tracks such as Half-Cut that really with that vocal sound awesome – this band certainly are creating their own sound on Spit, Kick, Revolt and it’s a good one.

Follow My Lead do an amazing job throughout this record, a raw and honest album throughout, this band bring those lyrics to some huge riffs, a foundation of excellent drums and with a vocal that is consistent in it’s power throughout the album, it’s certainly a debut to be proud of. Highlights for me on this album are Caustic, Skyguard and lead single Jugular – the band really do have some great songs on this record, and it’s well worth a listen.



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