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Review: My Maiden Name – My Thoughts, The Same.

MMN2My Maiden Name are soon to be releasing their new EP, My Thoughts, The Same. The band who are set to play a string of local shows certainly create some great melodies throughout this record and you can find out where you can hear them through the band’s Facebook page here.

Creating some great sounds, with some awesome guitar melodies and unique vocals, this band harmonise together perfectly throughout particularly on opening track Whiskey, which really makes clear what this band’s sound is and what a sound it is – with some nice energy that is consistent throughout the record, creating some fun melodies. The band know how to pace the record out really well, with tracks such as No Enchanto slowing it down, but Petrick picking it up again with ease, creating a nice bounce to the song.

The writing is strong throughout this record, with some awesome choruses, but with a way of telling a story through lyrics that harmonises together brilliantly throughout the whole of the EP. Telling tales of people and their lives, it is a collection of honest songs and makes for some captivating listening throughout – even if you don’t know what you’re singing about, on tracks such as No Enchanto, you can hear the emotion in the song and it really works from the beginning to the end.

My Maiden Name certainly create something of there own on their new EP, with good writing and some great melodies, the band really have something special – a band that certainly has talent, I look forward to what else this band can do.


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