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Review: KT Tunstall – Golden State EP.

KT Tunstall 2KT Tunstall returned yesterday with her new record Golden State. Bringing a new taste of modern rock on this record, the singer knows how to deliver huge songs and this EP is no different and you can give it listen now on Spotify.

Tunstall has always been pretty good with a guitar and this certainly doesn’t change on this record, with some really cool melodies throughout this EP, that make for some captivating listening, tracks such as All Or Nothing really have some awesome guitar work running through them keeping it interesting. The guitars on tracks such as The Healer combined with the different sounds really work on this record together perfectly – this EP bursts with energy throughout.

The writing is good, with some big choruses, that really makes for some infectious listening throughout – All Or Nothing really is a highlight of the record as it continues to stand out for that huge chorus and the honest lyrics that really work in harmony with the melodies. Tracks such as The Healer have good choruses too – but Tunstall has never had a problem with words and it shows on this record that hasn’t changed for her.

Golden State is a strong return from KT Tunstall whose new tracks pack a punch throughout this record, with great melodies and tracks that are packed with an edgy attitude that works for her from the start. For me All Or Nothing is the standout track – there needs to be something more soon.





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