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Review: Hotel Books – Run Wild, Stay Alive.

Hotel Books released their follow up to album Run Wild,Young Beauty, Run Wild, Stay Alive (produced by Craig Owens of Chiodos) through InVogue Records. The band are out on tour right now and with a unique style like theirs, it will surely be a captivating show, you can find the dates here.

Sticking to their roots, with emotional melodies, and spoken word – something this band really brought to the genre significantly, the band have advanced their sound with more riffs and more vocals that pack a punch on tracks such Where We Sleep Is Where We Dream the band really do bring what they do best with new styles.

The vocals are excellent as usual with the softer tone in the spoken word parts but that brutal roar when it comes to the screaming ones. But the writing is where this band really put their hearts on their wrist, with some real depth. Tracks such as Constant Conflict really show that strong style of writing this band do so well on their records, with a raw honesty that combined with the screaming vocals really works on this album – it’s what this band do best on their records and that certainly doesn’t change on Run Wild, Stay Alive.

Run Wild Stay Alive sees the band bringing a more metal tinged edge and it begins to lose the melodic sound and style this band have, Hotel Books have something original in the genre and it feels to lose it a little on this record, the screaming before conveyed something on previous records and now that seems lost on this album. However it’s good to see the band bring some great riffwork to the album and a more pounding sound, pushing their sound out further. Highlights for me on this record are Constant Conflicts and Friendly Crossfire.




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