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Review: Little Brother Eli – Cold Tales.

coldtalesLittle Brother Eli release their new record this week, Cold Tales. The band who have a range of influences from soul, blues and pop have been making waves playing huge festivals including The Great Escape that have seen the band create a huge network of fans. The band are busy with shows right now and are definitely worth seeing.

The band pop with energy throughout this record, with big blues sounds that kick into these tracks and big rock beats that make for such a great listen, Who You Do and This Girl are packed fill with energy that powers through this record at a great pace – this band really know how to get the most out of a guitar and these tracks are proof.

Grew’s vocals are so deep and work so well this band’s melodies, those big choruses driven through with so much energy with the help of that pwerful vocal, tracks such as Gold stand out for showcasing that voice. Grew has such a versatile voice, with some great tones at play throughout this record, tracks such as Beautiful really show that with those higher notes and great use of his voice throughout this album. Cold Tales is an excellent title track too, with a big chorus and real great writing that makes it an excellent song to finish the album.

Little Brother Eli certainly make a debut album to be proud of with Cold Tales, full of energy that makes it fun to listen to, great guitar work and some big tracks, this band have made an album that live is going to be so much fun to listen to. Highlights for me on this record are Cold Tales, Gold and Shake Me, but this whole album is a great listen and you should definitely check it out – it can be a little in need of refinement in places, but the songs more than make up for it.



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