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Review: Bad Seed Rising – I Can Feel You.

Bad Seed Rising recently released their new video for I Can Feel You, who are set tour across the US with I Prevail and they are also playing the Warped tour, the legendary tour that crosses the US throughout Summer. The new single comes from their new album which is released in the fall through Roadrunner Records. You can hear more about the band through Alternative Press here.

Strong vocals from lead singer Francheska Pastor really keep your attention throughout and the band have a great energy from the start. With a way that works with her vocals perfectly, the breakdowns really highlighting the power of her voice, this band certainly are one I’m going to keep an eye on if this song is anything to go by. Live this track is going to go down well with the energy in this video this band bring, I almost wish Warped tour had a date in the UK this year just for this.


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