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Review: Dead Buttons – Some Kind Of Youth.

PastedGraphic-1Dead Buttons, South Korean Art Rockers, release their new album today, Some Kind Of Youth through cult record label Baltic Records. Recently touring the country on a 16 date tour, the band are seen as a vibrant mixture of White Stripes and Royal Blood and that doesn’t sound all that bad, this album proves it.

Bursting with energy throughout the record this band bring together cool rhythms when it comes to the guitars on this record from the moment this album begins. Tracks such as 16-22 really do bring those guitars and launch them at your eardrums at an incredible pace and it makes for some fantastic listening. This band certainly know how to use a guitar and create something unique with one and it shows throughout this album.

These guitars combined with the drumwork subtle in the background that creates the foundation for tracks such as Desire, really allow for those melodies to be taken up a gear on this record the song building as it continues with some awesome musical layers that are certainly in need of hearing. Layers are so important on this record, vocally in particular, where the band really add to tracks with choral sounds and multiple vocal layers that really add to the mood of the album.

Dead Buttons make an incredible sound throughout Some Kind Of Youth, those influences are on show on this record, (I Need A Millon has that crunching guitar sound Royal Blood do so well). With good melodies running throughout where the band experiments with different sounds it can feel a little disjointed in places, however it is a great listen and those vocals top it off well. Highlights for me on this record are Stranger, (I Don’t Want You To) Let Me Down and Useless Generation – a mixed bag of songs, it’s a fascinating listen.




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