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Review: From States Away – Hypervigilant.

NEW PICNew York pop punk band, From States Away release their EP this Friday, Hypervigilant. You can give a listen to their first single ‘Fight Or Flight’ through Idobi Radio here. The band who are from all over the west coast live up to their name and live up to their hype, winning Hartford’s battle of the bands which sees them play Warped.

Quintessentially pop punk with great bursts of energy which is created by those excellent guitars throughout this record,it can maybe sound a little generic in places, however the band really know how to create melodies throughout. The guitarists working together brilliantly from the start of this record, particularly tracks such as Serenity, where they really come to the fore and really show what they do best.

The band has some great writing throughout Hypervigilant, with some big choruses and some real emotion driving this record to the end, Chasing Amy for those reasons really stands out but first single Fight Or Flight really has that angst that pop punk does best, with a huge hook that is reminiscent of Real Friends for example – the vocals are clear too, with some great group vocals on that track that work incredibly well and live is going to down great.

Hypervigilant is a great EP, with some clean guitar melodies throughout that really pick up the pace throughout this record and raw vocals that really bring something to the lyrics that make it worth a listen. Highlights for me are Serenity and Fight Or Flight – if you like pop punk more punk than pop this EP is right for you.




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