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Review: Broods – Conscious.

Broods are a band formed by brother and sister duo, Georgia and Caleb Knott and they released their new album last month, Conscious through Capitol Records. The duo from Auckland, Australia create some excellent electronic pop and that doesn’t change on this their new album which you can give a listen to Spotify here.

Georgia Knott’s vocals are incredible, with a soft vocal that works perfectly with the big synth pop melodies the two create throughout, opening track Free certainly makes that expertise clear, which is the perfect track to open this record and her voice gets you hooked straight from the start of the album.

The two also have some strong writing, with choruses that are easily infectious, tracks such as Heartlines certainly make that clear, with a chorus that you’ll easily be singing along to and that goes on throughout the album, the band keeping the writing simple, but certainly effective throughout. Couldn’t Believe stands out for the same reasons, creating some great hooks and with such fantastic vocals, it’s an incredible listen. The duo work together so well, the music works together her voice blending with the vocals throughout, creating a consistent record.

Broods have a great album, with great melodies and a powerful voice that carries this album throughout, with a way of creating songs that work perfectly together, Conscious is certainly a very human record with a honest way with the writing, that works throughout. Highlights for me are Free, Freak Of Nature which is a great collaboration with Tove Lo, and Bedroom Door.



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