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Review: Save Face – Folly.

Folly is the latest record from Save Face, who release their new EP this Friday. The duo who are set to go on tour soon release their new record through Take This To Heart Records and have released an acoustic video of opening track of Folly, Proccupied, through New Noise Magazine, which you can find here.

With a raw emotional power from the start of the record, the sound from the start is fantastic with a real emotional connection between the lyrics and vocals it feels freshly written and that continues throughout the two’s EP. The screaming vocals on tracks such as Brain really entertwine with the singing vocals brilliantly.

The guitars stand out as well, the melodies are excellent from the start with upbeat melodies that really harmonise well with the vocals, this band’s timing is impeccable on Folly – its a unique record, and just well made punk. This band make melodies to move to and choruses that you can’t stop yourself joining in with, particularly on tracks such as Overdue, where Save Face create a hook ready to get stuck in your head.

Save Face here create their third EP, and their expertise shines throughout this record, with great hooks and their distinctive melodies that keep you listening from beginning to end. Highlights for me on this EP are Ditch, Brain and Overdue, however this is a solid record throughout and well worth a complete listen.



3 thoughts on “Review: Save Face – Folly.

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