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Review: No Joy – Drool Sucker.

No Joy return on Friday with new music in the form of Drool Sucker, which is released through Topshelf Records. Drool Sucker is the first of a series of EP’s the band are releasing who if you like bands such as Title Fight or My Bloody Valentine, this is the band for you.

A cacophany of noise as soon as the EP starts, it certainly energises with gritty riffs that work throughout the record, with a solid foundation of drums that add to the dramatic power of the record throughout, the vocal layers working with these is incredible particularly on opening track, A Thorn In Garland’s Side which really brings these things perfectly together.

White-Gluz’s vocals are incredibly emotive on this record and harmonise perfectly, they can feel a little drowned out in the sound in places, however when it works, it works brilliantly, her ethereal vocals combining with the harsh guitars on tracks such as XO (Adam’s Getting Married) makes for an incredible song throughout – her voice is adaptable to the sound, her vocal layers on final track Theme Song really stand out and makes for a very authentic and emotional sound on the record.

No Joy has a great EP, Drool Sucker bringing huge noise and fantastic melodies that entwine with the vocal layers perfectly throughout, this band work together so well throughout this record. my favourite on this record are A Thorn In Garland’s Side and Theme Song, however this record works perfectly together, and an intriguing listen to the end.


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