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Review: Farewell Angelina – Self Titled EP.

Farewell Angelina are currently streaming their debut EP through Noisetrade. The four accomplished songwriters come together with incredible harmonies and dashing fiddles to make some great songs on their first release which you can listen to here. The four have been gaining attention and it’s no surprise listening to these tracks.

The four women really have vocals that blend perfectly together, in the choruses the choral vocals work brilliantly and they support each other’s vocals throughout this record. Tracks such as American Fathers certainly make this clear, where they really intertwine their vocals to perfection throughout and the writing matches their voices in strength.

The band have a great writing style, with huge choruses on tracks such as Shotgun Summer, which is the perfect opener, that make you want to sing along as soon as you hear them, this is also the case for Revolution which rounds off the EP brilliantly. The band really work to their strengths with the writing, bringing in excellent vocal layers that really accentuate their sound perfectly – for example the writing combined with the violins on Revolution give it a real edge.

An excellent collaborative effort reminiscent of The Pistol Annies, Farewell Angelina’s self titled is a great example of four talents working together to create something great, and it makes for plenty of highlights, with the fun and upbeat tracks like Hillbilly 401k being a natural earworm and Revolution with a more country rock vibe it brings together a range of influences combined with some great violin melodies that makes this a great debut from the band throughout – if you love country, you’ll love this.





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