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Review: Safe Side – Blossom EP.

Safe Side Blossom ArtworkEssex pop punkers Safe Side release Blossom on Friday. Blossom is the welcome return from the band, who on this new record bring their own blend of pop punk and alternative rock in their own unique but great style. You can give a listen to first single and see the video for In My Place here.

Frank Yate’s really does have some great vocals throughout this record, keeping a distinct voice on this record makes these songs stand out particularly the blending of vocals on tracks such as Framework which really highlights how strong his vocals are and with this band’s strong writing style that combination is excellent with a real raw way to the words here.

The band keep up a good pace on the record, with brooding guitars that work so well throughout this record – Blossom works perfectly together and the guitars certainly help this combined with the subtle but furious drum work. The band work well together melodically, Resolve in particular really showcases the strengths of this band and working with those raw vocals, it harmonises together very very well throughout the record.

Safe Side certainly know the sound they want to make and do it well on their second EP, with strong melodies from the start that in places could have some more pace, the band certainly stand out in a genre filled with talent and this is a band that can only get better. Highlights for me are Wilt and Resolve, but these tracks are solid throughout.



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