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Review: I See Stars – Treehouse.

I See Stars released their new album Treehouse last month, just before the band joined Warped tour for the Summer. The band who follow up from reimaginings album Phases, have released their newest music in some time, and its certainly sticking to tradition bringing together EDM and hardcore. You can listen to the album now on Spotify.

The vocals are epic throughout this record, the combination of clean and screaming vocals on this record, really work giving it a very atmospheric feel to Treehouse, that sound consistent through the album particularly on tracks such as Running With Scissors where they blend perfectly with the melodies making for a great sound on the song. The high notes on this track particularly stand out, the range of vocalist, Devin Oliver’s are standout throughout Treehouse, giving them a unique sound.

The foundation of drumwork, keeps this album sounding fierce, the sound of the synth sounds great throughout the record, keeping the album connected, but the drums on songs such as Mobbin’ Out give the songs intensity, and combining that with the raw screaming vocals on the track, it makes for one of the standouts on the album. The EDM elements of the album keep this record flowing, and though in places it can feel a little repetitive, it does enhance tracks such as Light In The Cave with ease.

I See Stars after a tumultous year have returned with a solid record and it makes for a great listen, that have some great melodies and some standout vocals that make for a consistent sound throughout Treehouse that combined with the musicians, gives this album life. Highlights for me on this record are Light In The Cave, All In and opening track Calm Snow. An album that works perfectly together, the band have some good tracks spotted throughout this record.




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