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Review: Capsize – A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me.

Capsize release their new album this week through Rude Records, releasing ‘A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me’ this Friday. The band who are set to support Being As An Ocean through Europe soon, playing London and Manchester, certainly are making a name for themselves, and it’s clear to hear why.

As soon as this album begins, the energy kicks in with drums to blow your eardrums and rough guitars that really kick the tracks up another knotch with ease, the band introducing themselves on this album with passion XX (Sew My Eyes) is a hell of an opener and that pace never slows on ‘A Reintroduction..’ making a phenomenal cacophony of sound throughout the album for the most part.

The lyrics are raw, emotional and aggressive, this band certainly make this album seem like cartharsis, as it goes on, with lyrics that sound as fresh as the day they were written with a mixture of clean and screamed vocals, the mix really works for the band giving this album a whole new level of intensity. Tracks such as Favourite Secret really bring the best of what this band do, but with a chorus in there that is destined to be screamed live back at them in the very near future.

An intense honesty and an album powerfully driven through to the end, Capsize bring everything they have to their new record, if you’re making a reintroduction, this is how you want you to do it. The vocals are raw and brilliant throughout and combined with such fantastic riffs that keep that energy up, this album is an instant moshpit of sound and for the most part, it’s awesome. Highlights for me are One Day I Won’t Be So Easy To Forget, Favourite Secret and Safe Space slows this record down perfectly mid record – an excellent return from Capsize, I need to hear this live.



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