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Review: Furian – What’s Up.

Furian are set to release their new single and new video this Friday for Whats Up. The band who are beginning to make waves release their first track through their own label, PYAR Records. You can check out the band out through their Facebook here and hear the track played on Kerrang! Radio here.

The excellent mix of clean and screaming vocals works for Furian on What’s Up, the band really bringing the voices together perfectly on this track and with that huge chorus that live is going to be awesome with a crowd, this band demonstrate they are to be taken seriously on their first song.

The band are certainly naturals when it comes to making harmonies, with some great riffs that really bring the energy to this track, and the introduction really highlights the great drum work on this record, that gives the track a solid foundation. It’s no surprise this track is part Kerrang’s Fresh Blood show, this band really creating something that grabs your attention from the start – check this band out soon, they aren’t one based on this you want to ignore.

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