EPs & Singles.

Review: SYKES – Younger Mind EP.

Sykes released their new EP last week as the band spend the Summer on Warped tour. The trio who hail from South London have been gaining attention and it’s clear to hear why and you can see for yourself now, as it’s live on Spotify here.

The band have an amazing way with melodies, with huge beats that border on dance, reminiscent of bands such as Chvrches and Haim, but more upbeat and a pace that really energises the record – tracks such as Glimmer certainly make this clear with a pouncing energy that works for the track and a hook that gets stuck in your head.

Julia Syke’s vocals are great throughout this EP, tracks such as Caught Up, really work for her vocals as they really display that softness that harmonises so well the melodies and the more hard vocal she has on opening track Younger Mind certainly works – this band have a great singer leading them and it shows throughout the band’s EP, with an incredible clean vocal from the start.

Younger Mind has a great sound with some huge melodies that should be heard and some great choruses, that live are going to be awesome, particularly title track Younger Mind that has a huge hook, that I’m sure on Warped is going down well. Highlights for me are Lifeline, Younger Mind and Glimmer – this band have some great synth pop melodies who wear their influences well on this record and it makes for an infectious listen.



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