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Review: September Mourning – Volume II.

September Mourning release their new album this Friday, Volume II with Sumerian Records, which is released with the band’s comic book they have created with acclaimed artist Marc Silvestri. First single Skin & Bones, featuring Jinxx of Black Veil Brides and can be heard here, the band setting the standard for the record.

The band have a fantastic way with melodies from the beginning of the album, with huge riffs and drum work, that entwines with the vocals brilliantly from the start of the record, it is clear this band know how they work together and it shows throughout this record – tracks such as Eye Of The Storm are the best of what this band do on Volume Two.

The band weave different styles and sounds on this record, which takes courage particularly on a deubt record, exploring their sound with excellent curiousity, particularly on tracks such as Children Of Fate where the band use different vocal and recording to add an a dramatic intensity to the record and that intensity keeps building up throughout. This is helped by the excellent vocals from September (Emily Lazar) who has such an incredible clean vocal with a real emotional kick when needed and it sounds epic from the start.

September Mourning make a unforgettable debut record, a band that brings a raw and emotional energy to the record like no band I’ve heard. There are many highlights on Volume Two as the band harmonise raw riffs and those powerful vocals together that make this album a hell of a listen. Tracks that stand out for me Eye Of The Storm, Below and Superhuman. Another track that stands out is their cover of Stand By Me is a great take of a classic track that with the power in the chorus really works for Lazar’s vocals perfectly and finishes the album with ‘Til You’ve Seen Heaven perfectly.




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