EPs & Singles.

Review: Grieving – Demonstrations EP.

Cambridge Art Rockers, Grieving release their new EP, this Friday, Demonstrations. The band who have been heard on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6, and are set to be announcing some mini tours in the near future, are certainly a band that you should be listening to.

A band that focuses on melodies and it shows from the start of Grieving’s EP with the cool riffs that energise from the top of the record, with some slick grooves that compliment each other, the bass giving a solid foundation to opening track My Friend, The Ghost from the start with subtle drum work that makes for an excellent start on Demonstrations.

The energy really picks up on tracks such as Ownership that really highlight that raw scratchy vocal that harmonises with those guitars so well, in some places this may need polishing, but it really works on this record as the band build a great sound throughout the rest of the record – this band have made it clear on this their first record that this is the start of something very very good.

A strong debut from Grieving, this band certainly know how to make music and it shows throughout Demonstrations, the band have such an amazing sound they are creating, it’s certainly not surprising why people are listening. Highlights for me are Ownership and Little Armoured, but together this EP makes a great sound, it’s out today go listen to it.



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