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Review: Rough Hands – Let Me Win Your Hearts And Minds.

ROUGH HANDS - Let Me Win Your Hearts and Minds (2016) PackshotLet Me Win Your Heart And Minds, is the debut album from Rough Hands, who released their first record Friday. Made with Jay Jago who has worked with The Xcerts and The Maccabees, it has the potential to be one of the highlights of 2016, if these tracks are anything to go by.

Pulverising noise from the start, this band make a statement as soon as this record with begins with vocals that roar at your eardrums from the start. The raw screaming vocal is tremendous and works fantastically with the sound the band are creating, Choke is a perfect example of what this band are doing right and that continues to the end of the record.

The drum work is fantastic and gives a great foundation for those guitars to really propel forward and energise this record throughout. This band show great timing on this record with the sound they make, Swim In The Blues creates atmosphere but still keeps a killer instinct to the sound that an assassin would be proud of, as this band bring in huge riffs and drums that work together brilliantly throughout. There’s an original sound to this band that works, and this band really need to be heard.

Rough Hands have an incredible record here and you need to hear it if you love hardcore, because this band should be making it.  This band sounds like the expertise of excellent musicians working together and it makes for an awesome listen, particularly tracks such as The Underlying Negative, however there are many more highlights on this record. For me tracks such as Leaving My Will and Detrimentum Рthis band make a killer sound on Let Me Win Your Hearts And Minds, this band creating something new here and makes for a brutal listen start to finish.



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