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Review: Better Things – Getting Worse.

Better Things release their album Getting Worse this Friday. The band who fit in with the sound from bands such as The Swellers and The Get Up Kids create a raw but ready record here and you can tell through their new video for track ‘Stick That In Your Juicebox And Sip It’ which you can see here.

The band create som awesome melodies throughout this record, putting in huge instrumentals on tracks such as ‘Exactly What You’d Think’ that really puts on display the best of the guitars on this record with thudding drums that give a foundation to the tracks that really work here and it makes for a great listen.

Tracks that stand out for me lyrically are Casanova With A K and Named After A Kissing Song. Named After A Kissing Song brings those rock influences with a great acoustic sound that really raises the tempo quickly, with some great guitar work and the powerful vocals of Brian LaClair really work throughout this record, but really shows with the simplicity of the introduction of this track. Casanova With A K however has a more punk vibe that really works on this record, with killer verses that really bring this band together, working in harmony.

Better Things have a solid record with Getting Worse. The band have some great musicians and it show throughout this album with strong riffs that work in harmony with the rough vocals this band have leading, this creates such a quintessential punk record that just keeps getting better and better throughout and makes for an excellent sound. Highlight for me are Named After A Kissing Song, Ex-Files and Casanova With A K.




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