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Review: Vomitface – Hooray For Me.

HFMVFVomitface release their new album, Hooray For Me this Friday. The band who are known for their relentless schedule and quick output of music earned them a mention on a list of the ‘hardest working bands in New York City’ really bring that fuzzy grunge sound to their new record, Chew Toy a very good example.

The band make melodies that are cacophonic but somehow kind of work. A frenzy of drums that pound in the background with sheer energetic brilliance with rough and raw drums this band start this record with a bang, literally and it sounds awesome. Vomitface just keep a pace throughout this record that makes for a relentless listen, bringing in new melodies.

The vocals are a mixture of spoken, clean and screaming vocals and they work well together, this band putting together songs that harmonise together brilliantly, tracks such as It’s Me are perfect examples of what this band do best, with rough vocals from Jared Micah that really drive those songs from the start of the record. The writing keeps it simple, but Vomitface put their effort into the melodies and the two work well together and create some excellent hooks on this album on tracks such as Chew Toy this band really do sound good on their debut record.

Vomitface deliver a bundle of energy when it comes to their debut album, the band bringing some excellent drumwork on this record all the way through that keeps the energy and melodies that will not leave you standing still for very long. Highlights for me on this record are Eastern Bloc Party, Senior Pictures and Chew Toy – this band have a consistent sound on this album that really does sound great, huge beats abound and it’s worth a listen if you like grunge rock music, this band do it well.



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